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Rubiton 500mg CBD Pain Rub £14.99. 

Our uniquely formulated and 100% natural heat rub "Rubiton" digs deep to attack Joint and Muscle pains associated with a wide variety of issues from Arthritis to sports injuries. 

Massaging into problematic areas of the body Rubiton will start to naturally heat up the skin allowing the pores to open and absorb the essential oils and CBD contents to ease and soothe any discomforts you may be feeling.

Snoozed Out Sleepy Balm 300mg CBD £11.99

Our unique Snoozed Out Sleep Balm is packed full of organic essential oils Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Chamomile that has been specially formulated to relax the senses and soothe the mind to aid a peaceful nights sleep for young and old alike. 

Massaging onto the temples, chest and back will unleash an array of aromas that will naturally induce sleepiness. 


Artemis 250mg CBD Skin Cream £12.99

Artemis (The Greek Goddess of the Natural World) was created to give our skins Endocannabinoid System a much needed nourishment for the many skin problems that's out there. From Acne to Eczema, Sunburns to Rashes it covers a wide range of conditions.

A totally natural product blended using organic ingredients and essential oils it is sure to nourish, replenish and revitalise skin cells making for a happier healthier skin. 

Tattoo Balm 100mg CBD £8.99

Uniquely formulated to nourish and replenish skin cells after a hard day of needle artwork from your favourite tattoo parlour. 

Using only natural ingredients our tattoo balm will reduce inflammation in the skin cells. It will also moisturise and nourish the latest artwork on your skin aiding recovery of skin cells and reducing the healing time associated with tattoos.

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